Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

I had to start off with the above picture because this pretty much sums up how pleasant taking family pictures is with little kids. Parker is smiling though, as always. He is such a happy kid. :)
We decided last minute to get some family pictures. People have been asking for updated pictures and we haven't had any family pictures taken in three years, and of course that was before we had Asher, so we thought it was time. We were rushing around the house on Saturday trying to scrounge up some outfits that we thought might work and get the boys dressed and ready before the sun went down. Of course, if I was prepared I would have bought new outfits for the everybody, given all the boys much needed haircuts and had them dressed and ready in plenty of time. But that is not how things worked out. All things considered though, I think we got some decent shots.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Glen Canyon

Andrew and I have lived in three different places outside of Utah since we were married, and have driven to Utah from all of them. On our drive home to Arizona after Thanksgiving last week we decided this drive is by far the prettiest. What was the ugliest you ask? The drive from Northern California to Utah. Hands down. For those of you who have driven that route, you know what I mean. Okay, Okay, I must admit there are a few pretty parts once you get into California, but the whole drive before that is harsh.

Graham Cracker Houses

After making these, Parker said to me, "Will you please take a picture of our houses and put them on the computer so our Grandma's can see?"
So, by request, here are their beautiful creations.
The above house is Carter's.



And Asher's (he had a little help with his).

Since I didn't get a picture of Asher with his house I thought I would throw one in of him by himself. He is a cutie. Love that boy!

FHE at the Mesa Temple

Last week we took the kids to see the lights at the Mesa temple. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at what a good job they do. I mean it's no temple square, but they have a decent sized visitors center and they have a ton of lights and displays to look at. And the best part is you don't freeze like you do in Salt Lake! We were in light jackets and we were perfectly warm.

I can never get Tristan to look at the camera. It drives me crazy. This was the closest I got.