Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I guess while we were changing our blog around we accidentally made it so nobody could comment on our blog except us. As much as we love commenting on our own blog entries, we have decided to open it up to all you as well, so you can feel free to leave comments from now on :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carter turns 4!

I can't believe we have a four year old! Carter is growing up so fast and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

This was my first attempt at a sculpted cake. It was very time consuming and I ended up having one cake fall apart on me so I had to bake two. Even then the face didn't look quite right and I worried the whole time it was going to fall over, but Carter loved it and that made it all worth it!

Parker saying "Look Mommy, I eat my cookie like a doggie!" Something he thinks is so funny

Decorating cookies

Some of Carter's birthday guests. He wanted a lot more but we had to narrow it down for him. Our apartment can only fit so many people.

Carter loves sprinkles. Can you tell?

We filled Carter's room with balloons while he was sleeping, he thought it was pretty cool waking up tp a balloon filled room.

Carter got a new bike and a leapster for his Birthday. Luckily he loves both. He has become quite good at his bike and loves to go bike riding with his daddy, and we are hoping that the leapster will help with those long car rides to Utah.


We have really enjoyed our time at Disneyland since moving to Southern California. Our passes aren't good during the summer and we will be having the baby before we can go back. This was our last trip as a family of four, things will get a whole lot more complicated after this summer!

Carter dancing while waiting for the Electric Parade

This is the face Parker makes when you ask him to smile for the camera

Outside Tarzan's Tree House

Andrew's brother Ammon and his family were also there. The boys loved seeing there cousins and we really enjoyed spending time with them.

Carter checking out the water

Parker loves the carousel, but refuses to ride by himself.

The boys love Disneyland and ask to go almost everyday, it will be a long summer of telling them "no"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Dad

I feel like I miss out on so much not being at home in Utah, especially on days like this when I would love nothing more than to wish my Dad a Happy Fathers Day in person and tell him how grateful I am for him. So I guess I will have to let him know in other ways what an awesome Dad he really is.

10 things I remember about my dad (from when I was younger)
1. Going fishing- It may not have seemed like I was enjoying myself at the time, but now looking back on it I am really glad I was able to go.

2. Going camping- One of my favorite things!

3. Going to Air Shows- My Dad really loves planes and I really liked going to air shows with him. I also enjoyed going to the museum at Hill Air Force Base.

4. Going to the dump- I know this sounds kind of funny, and I think I only went with him a couple of times, but for some reason I liked going to the dump with my dad.

5. Going to the caves at Timp.

6. Going to the state fair- I don't think we ever missed the state fair. It's funny because looking back on it now I don't think that we ever rode a single ride or played any of the carnival games, but I still looked forward to going every year.

7. Getting Valentines from him- My dad had to leave for work very early when I was younger, but every Valentines Day he never forgot to leave a Valentine for each of us.

8. Him always pointing out the ducks- My dad loves duck hunting! Whenever he would see ducks flying by he wouldn't ever miss the opportunity to point them out and if we were really lucky he would maybe tell us a little duck trivia.

9. Watching him play Turoc- A video game my dad loved to play and for some reason my sister and I loved to watch.

10. Having long talks with him- They may have been few and far between but they were always great!

I love you Dad!