Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sea Life

(Andrew took the above picture in Oceanside, I think it's beautiful!)
I must admit, spending a day at the beach is not really my idea of fun. I know that many of you would strongly disagree with me, but it's true. I don't like the the sand that gets everywhere, the planning and the hauling of all the beach toys, blankets, snacks, umbrellas, towels, boogie boards, children and whatever else back and forth to and from the car. I do however love sea life. Seeing a dolphin or a seal at the beach makes the whole trip worth it, and since we will most likely be moving in the near future we have tried to take some extra time to enjoy the ocean.

While we were sitting and waiting for the dolphin show at Sea World, Parker turns to me and said, "Mom, my eyes are really bright right now, would it be okay if I may please borrow your glasses for a minute?" So cute.

Aunt Jennifer

Grandma and Grandpa Albertson were able to join us for a day at Sea World. We were super happy they came, it was a great day.

Asher enjoying a little ocean breeze.

He caught a fish!