Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Move

Our cute little man is now crawling. I really can't believe how fast time has gone by. Him and his brothers are growing so fast that I feel like if I blink I might miss something.

This is a picture of his first time standing himself up against something. You could tell he was so proud of himself.
Next step: Walking!!!!! What am I going to do with three mobile boys????
Any advice?


When asked in preschool what Carter's favorite thing to do at home was he replied, "play in my school books." He loves them and will work quietly in his books for hours. He impresses me every day with how much he is learning.

This is Parker's favorite book ever! It is one of the very few books that he will not only ask for but actually sit and listen to for any extended period of time. We found it at Costco and it is a called "Disney Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales." It's the traditional nursery rhymes and fairy tales but with a Disney twist. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.


On a normal day our boys like to pretend to be monsters, bad guys, transformers or pirates. On the day of the tour of a near by fire station they came home pretending to be firemen saving peoples lives. I was so happy to see them take a break from the fighting and pillaging :)

Thanks for arranging the tour Wendy. The boys loved, loved, loved it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I have been a HUGE slacker when it comes to blogging lately and have a ton of catching up to do.
A few weeks ago we went camping with some friends. It was a lot of fun and the first time I have been camping in a few years. It was beach side camping which is a whole lot different than what I am used to in Utah. There was also an In-N-Out within 5 minutes of our camp ground so not what you would call wilderness camping, but I was surprised by how much I liked it.
Here is the boys getting ready to do some fishing.

Here is Carter wishing his Daddy wasn't out so far so he could join him in said fishing trip. All this talk about going fishing and he gets left in the dust. Poor kid.If you were ever hoping to find Parker in the water you would be sorely disappointed. He never set foot (or toe, or finger or any other body part) in the ocean at any time, but was perfectly content hanging out on the beach all day. He actually kept himself very entertained.

Now it may look like Andrew is taking the arms off these poor children but they were actually loving every minute of Andrew playing in the waves with them. We had a hard time getting them to stop playing with Andrew so he could help pack up. He was really cute with them so it was all worth the delayed packing.
Here is Andrew surfing! He was so happy I got a picture of him standing up :)

Thanks for inviting us to go camping Carl and Amber. Hopefully we can do it again before you move........sigh :(