Monday, May 30, 2011

What have we been up to?

It has been months since we have posted, so here are a few updates.
This picture was taken today of our cute, chubby little Asher, he is getting so big. He is 4 months today. During the day he is a very pleasant baby that loves smiling and chatting with his brothers and reaching out and grabbing things. Night time is still a big struggle, we are desperately trying to get him to sleep. He usually wakes up 6 to 7 times a night and sometimes it takes me an hour or so to get him back to sleep.

Here is Tristan loving on Asher. He is surprisingly very sweet with his little brother. He is also trying to grow up big just like his big brothers. He is their little pantomime. He is constantly repeating everything they say and do. He also loves animals and bugs. He will sit forever and watch a spider or ants crawling on the sidewalk, and is always pretending to be some kind of animal. Some of his favorites imitations include a dog, a horse or a frog.

Here is our latest fire station tour. Tristan LOVED the fire trucks, just like any little boy.

This is Parker on April Fools Day. For dinner we did "cupcakes" (meatloaf with mashed potato icing) and for dessert we did "mashed potatoes with carrots and corn" (ice cream with caramel sauce and a side of yellow and orange candy). The boys laughed forever about our backwards dinner and still talk about it. They are so funny. Parker is also growing so fast. He will be starting kindergarten after the summer and I know I will miss him very much, he has always been my little buddy. He is very good at reading and loves to play games on the computer, he would play all day long if we would let him.
Although all the boys really love Asher, Parker is really the most doting on him. I know I can always count on Parker to keep Asher entertained, and Asher's face lights up any time Parker is around.

This is us at Carona del Mar on family night. Although we just went to look at the water, Carter walked back to the car soaked from head to toe. Carter loves playing at the beach. He also loves all things Star Wars. I am not really sure how his obsession started but he is a Star Wars fanatic! He loves reading books about Star Wars, he loves drawing pictures of Star Wars characters, playing with his Star Wars legos and going outside so he can play Star Wars with his friends.

Andrew has been working like a madman, he recently got a paper accepted for publication. Yay! He is now almost done with his second and third paper and then on to his dissertation! He is planning on defending in August and then who knows where life will take us. Stay tuned for more updates.

As for me, I am still adjusting to life with four kids. This has been the biggest adjustment so far, I think it has been hard because I am just so very tired from staying up with Asher the night before. But four months later I can now say I feel like life is returning to normal somewhat. I only have one more month of work until I am done and although I know I will miss the job and have greatly appreciated the extra income, I am anxious to focus more of my time and energy to my family.

And last but not least this is a picture of Parker's last day of preschool. He has loved having friends over for preschool and now it's on the next phase of life.