Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One of my favorite things is to watch all that our kids are learning. They continually surprise me with how much they know and how much they are growing. One thing that I really enjoy is listening to Carter and Parker pray. They have been really creative with their prayers lately and they seem to be making a real effort to pray like Andrew and I. Carter can go on for minutes about all that he is grateful for. I love it! I love watching them develop an understanding of God and Christ and love hearing them talk about Samuel the Lamanite, Thomas S. Monson, the Liahona and other church related topics.

The other day I was walking out the door to go to a work meeting when Carter poked his head out and said, "Bye mom, don't forget to listen to the spirit." Then Parker came out to say, "And don't forget to follow the prophet." What great reminders those were! It's good to know that all those times when we tried to teach our children about the scriptures or tried giving them a family home evening lesson weren't done in vain! Because quite frequently I feel like not a word is heard.

On a completely unrelated topic, Tristan has said his first phrase! It's "Wow, that's cool!" I wonder where he got that from? :)