Monday, December 29, 2008

Making Waves

This morning, while trying to get me out of bed, Carter discovered something.

"Mommy, when I smack your arm it makes waves!"

Is that his subtle way of telling me that I need to spend more time in the gym?
I was curious as to what he would say about his dad's arm so I said, "Does Daddy's do that too?"

After trying it on Andrew he said, "Um.....yeah." Then he paused and tried it again, "but not really."

The truth hurts!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Pictures

We finally got some family pictures and I wanted to post them. Melissa and I can't decide between the two family photo's. Which one do you pick as your favorite? the first picture or the sunset picture?

First family Picture

Sunset Picture

Aren't we cute together

I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful wife

Saturday, December 6, 2008

November in review

Andrew and I have been married 5 1/2 years and this is our very first Christmas Tree! I thought I would celebrate by blogging this momentous occasion. It all started off by me saying, "I think we could get a small tree to fit in the corner." When all was said and done we ended up with this 7 1/2 foot beast, but I thought it turned out pretty good considering our budget.
We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We did Thanksgiving dinner with a few other families who decided not to brave the holiday traffic to do Thanksgiving with their families, and had a lot of fun!
This was the kids table. All the kids had a blast. There was a little playground right outside that was all fenced in so we were able to send them out to play and not have to worry about them.
Is that what it would be like to have a fenced in yard? Ahh, how nice that would be?
Later that weekend we did a gingerbread house with the boys.
Their job was to put the candy on the gingerbread house and they did a great job. They also did a great job eating it. Andrew thought it tasted like it had been doused in lighter fluid (it was a store bought kit and tasted very chemically-is that a word?) but I guess the kids liked it because they have already eaten half of it.

I had to put in this cute picture of Andrew reading 'The Cat in the Hat' to the boys on Thanksgiving night.

And the most exciting news of all is that Parker is potty trained! It's been about a month now and we have not had any accidents in about 3 weeks! We are so very happy that he is potty trained, having 2 kids in diapers is no fun.