Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tristan is now five weeks old! He really is a pretty content baby and like all babies loves to be held and talked to. He is now officially afraid of his brothers although they love him to death and still ask to hold him any chance they get. He will now smile at you when you talk to him, maybe, he is pretty selective of who and what he smiles at. I have yet to get a picture of him smiling, hopefully I will get one soon and will post it as soon as I do.

One day Parker brought me a pair of gloves and a clip on tie and asked me to help him get them on so he could go to work. Soon Carter followed suit and did the same thing. Carter took them off shortly after putting them on, but Parker kept them on almost the entire day!
Incidentally this was also his first day of preschool, which he loves. It actually is just a group of us mom's who take turns teaching at our houses, reguardless, Carter loves it and can't wait for Monday to come so he can start preschool again.