Sunday, March 18, 2012

The New House

Yep, it's true. We bought a house. It is very nice to finally have a home that we can call ours. We really like the house and it was in great condition when we moved in. I find myself going crazy trying to keep it in good condition with 4 boys running around the house all day. I'm sure the boys will soon learn that shoes do not belong on the carpet and that the walls and the curtains are not their napkin, but probably not.

Living room view #1

Living room view #2
Staircase (in case it wasn't obvious)

Loft view #1

Hallway into the bedrooms

Loft view #2

View from front door

Front door

I am giddy with excitement when I think about all the fun ways I want to decorate it. Then I remember we spent all our money buying the house. Oh well, someday!
Also, I just realized I didn't take a picture of the front of the house. I'll get on that, but meanwhile you can enjoy all the other pictures you have been dying to see. Okay, so most of you probably don't even care, but I know my mom does. :)

Snow......or close to it

We had a pleasant surprise today. We had a hail storm. It was quite the storm too! It came down like crazy! The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then afterwards they had fun playing in the "snow". Since we have moved from Southern California to Arizona our boys really have hardly any experience playing in cold weather. They thought it was great!

I had to throw in this picture of Asher because he is just so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012